Kruppa Savla

Set out to embark on a journey to possible and improved inner well-being and health for near and dear beings. I took up Clinical Psychology having met people from various walks of life each with unique set of beliefs and tenets looking to enhance their living. The one thing that cohesively brought them together and nudged me to dedicate myself to their cause was our will to overcome hurdles, find happiness and peace; knowing that the road to a healthy lifestyle evolved with oneself. Over time we confided in each other over the million possibilities towards the better being.

And so began my journey as a private practitioner in clinical psychology in Mumbai.

Find more about what I do here. Kruppa Savla is a clinical psychologist and founder of Ken Clinic

What I Specialize In

Addiction and Depression

Personal and Professional Relationships

Anger Management

Anxiety and Phobias

Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD)

Academic Distresses

Suicide and Behaviour Techniques


Our mind, body, spirit, and relations are all intertwined and intimately influenced by one another. Their consistent interconnectivity is the key to our healthy well-being. At any point, if there is disturbance in their functioning, a series of uncomforting situations are bound to surface and disrupt our mental and physical peace.

To thus maintain interconnectivity in the elements of our physicality, and with the help of my school of discipline I sought out to curate a distinctive approach that would spruce up various synergies and bring a holistic alignment to our areas of distress, along with a deep understanding of each and every individual's identity, the challenges at hand, and addressal of cases with works of therapy.

As a part of my psychotherapy, I channel my focus on every individual’s key areas of strengths and talents in addition to their struggles and areas of growth. Since, insight alone is often not enough to make the types of life changes that an individual desires, I incorporate action-oriented techniques to my therapy while constantly evolving with new skills and trying out new behaviors for our journey.

Therapy succeeds on genuine partnerships; where with our honest, intimate conversation together we can help you achieve a greater sense of happiness, peace, and satisfaction in your life. Thus, I keep my practice balanced with a multi-channelled approach including: Rational emotive cognitive behavioural therapy, Client Centred Therapy, Rational Emotive Behaviour Therapy, Play Therapy, Transactional Analysis, Somatic Therapy, Art Therapy, Family Therapy, Group Therapy.

Further to my style of work, I believe in pursuing a flexible therapeutic style inspired from several major theoretical approaches in psychotherapy. Because as human beings, we are blessed with an inherent power to channel and evolve our understanding of self and build on our will to self-acceptance, appreciation and motivation further strengthening it and leading us to make well-informed decisions for a rewarding life.



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